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Support is included in paid version of the webrtc chat
Quick tips how to integrate your webrtc webcam chat into your website:

To integrate it into your existing website, you just have to copy/paste the script you received when you registered the webrtc chat

Webrtc chat script looks like:

<script src='https://html5-chat.com/script/id/uniqueKey></script>

: id is your script id, uniqueKey is a random token.
Notice that you can also integrate a direct link to your webrtc chat:


Lost data ? Just login into your panel admin and you can get back these data.

How do I change dimension of my webrtc chat ?

chat uses iframe to be embedded into your site. The idea is so to included that iframe into your existing element (div) and it will take 100% of that element.

ex: I want my webrtc chat to be 800 width and 600px height: just create a div of 800 x 600px and embed the script inside that div!

<div style="width:640px;height;480px"><script src='https://webrtc-chat.com/script/id/uniqueKey></script></div>

Question: I have an existing website and I want to handle chat users myself. How to embed it with my existing users database ?

This is possible with webrtc chat!

Do you have other questions ? Please feel free to contact us !

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